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September Newsletter

September is here already, can you believe it? Last month seemed to go by so quickly with our people serving in different locations. We want to thank you all for doing your part in making this mission possible, it takes many moving parts to make the wheels turn.

We were all sad that The Harvest Crusade was cancelled due to the virus, but as we all know, you can't silence the Word of God. So this Labor Day weekend, September 4-7, Greg Laurie and Harvest Church present "A Rush of Hope". This is a chance to be a

part of something completely new that they are calling a "cinematic crusade!" You can RSVP to this online event and tune in on Facebook or

Thank you all that came to the Kid's Club meeting and volunteered to be leaders. We appreciate your time and effort. Kid's Club will start the first Thursday of October at 6pm. This year we will not be using AWANA materials, but utilizing the Rocky Railway VBS material that we didn't use this summer. We are so excited to break down the 5 days of material into 6 months and really mull through the text with the kids.

August's 5th Sunday Love offering went to support our Children's Ministries. We want to thank each one of you for contributing to foundation and future of this next generation. If you didn't get an opportunity to get your envelope in, there is always time.

Potluck Sunday is September 13th after service. Make sure to bring Pastor's favorite meal, anything. ;)

Sunday evenings at 7pm Pastor has invited the men to join him for a study. If you are interested, get a hold of Pastor.

Join Sara Tuesday evenings at 7pm for worship practice.

The Ladies Bible Study group meets at 9:30am on Wednesdays.

We want to say happy birthday to and handful of wonderful people this month:

Chris Claypool - 9/1

Kimbre - 9/1

Chris Clelland - 9/8

Elijah Blue - 9/24

And a Happy Anniversary to this wonderful couple:

Chris and Christi Clelland - 9/27

Please keep praying for the pastor's in your life, the family units and marriages in our community, and for our government. Your prayers are the first line of defense we have, so remember to stay in the Word and in communication with your Savior.

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