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Happy New Year

2021 is already done and over, but what a year it was. I know many of us have still been affected by COVID, but our God is good and still in control.

During 2021, we not only discussed hilarious giving, but we got to witness it. We were able to send monies to local charities, including The Boise Rescue Mission and Jesse's Tree. You blessed our children's ministry with VBS, Kids' Club, playground equipment, and hiking packs. During VBS and Kids' Club we got to watch the youth participate in giving outwardly, too. We were able to reach outward with our trip to Atlanta, ID and the donations made to the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. There are so many other areas that your giving blessed this last year, if you would like to see more, the year end financial statement will be posted at the church. Thank you again for being good stewards of your monies and listening to how God wants you to use it.

We have seen so many good things in 2021, our youth groups had a blast with VBS and their hiking trip. We are having so much fun as we learn about God, Dinosaurs, and Creation in Kids' Club. We can't wait to see what God has in store for these wonderful kids.

As we jump into 2022 we want you to be mindful of your relationship with God; be in prayer, read your Bible, and be listening for His whispers.

This month we are taking the first of four 5th Sunday Love Offerings; we are supporting the Boise Rescue Mission.

Be plugged into the church through the week:

Sundays: Sunday School at 10am

Worship and Service at 11am

4 Seasons of Marriage Class at 6pm (childcare provided)

Tuesdays: Ladies Bible Study at 9:30am (cancelled 1/4/22)

Wednesdays: Band Practice at 7pm

(every other week sign practice)

Thursdays: Kids' Club at 6pm (Starting back up the 6th, weather willing)

Fridays: Every Young Man's Battle at 7pm (starting back up the 14th)

We are so thankful for our mid-week meeting to keep our eyes turned towards God. Please be praying over the leaders of these classes and those who attend.

We want to wish these wonderful people a blessed birthday:

Gavyn - 3rd

Raidon - 10th

Kyler - 13th

Sandy - 16th

Ed - 24th

Lisa G. - 28th

May God bless the marriages celebrating another year this month:

Bobbie and Amy - 26th

Thank you for being the hands and feet of the Lord.

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