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April 2020 Newsletter

Hello Sand Hollow Family,

I pray that you all are doing well. I know that not being able to see each other has been a drag, but I encourage you all to take the time to connect with someone through Facebook message, a text, phone call, or even a note in the mail.

Even though the church building isn't being used to meet the Church is still alive and moving! Tune into Facebook ( on Sunday morning's at 11 am to listen live to Pastor Dallas speak God's hope into your life. We were excited to have the worship team join him this week. Sermons will still be added to the website weekly for those of you who are not on Facebook. ( Please continue to send Pastor Dallas your praise reports and prayer requests.

Easter Sunday is April 12th. Please do not be discouraged that church buildings will be empty, the grave was empty that Sunday too! Remember Church, we are not our buildings, we are everywhere we take Him.

The month of Easter is a time that we as Baptists come together to support our missionaries. The way we do this is with a love offering to the Annie Armstrong Fund. This offering funds our missionaries, so they don't have to worry about it. If God is laying it your heart to make an offering to this ministry, you can either donate directly on their website or you can mail your donation to the church and Kimbre can forward it on. The church address is 29627 Old Hwy. 30, Caldwell, ID 83607

Even though our AWANA Club ended sooner than we would have liked, I want to encourage our clubbers to still be working in their books. Their AWANA books are a great and easy way to get into God's Word. They can also be a good resource for reading, memorization, and reading comprehension for those of you looking to fill some of your school time space.

Parent's please let your clubber's know that when are able to hang out again, we will be having a pajama party to celebrate our club year. They will be able to spend the AWANA money they've been working so hard on earning during this time too.

I want to thank the clubbers for their participation in AWANA Go. We will be able to sponsor 10 kids around the world to join an AWANA Club in their area.

We want to take a moment to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to some wonderful people, we pray that God is blessing you on your special day.

  • Brenda B.

  • Brenda C.

  • Pastor Dallas

  • Lisa

  • Laurel

  • Pastor Wayne

We also want to congratulate these couples for another year together, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

  • George and Diane

  • Stan and Martha

For those who have been praying for the Boise Harvest Crusade, please keep praying. Keep praying for the people on your lists, keep praying for those involved in planning, but especially be in prayer for the new date. They are hoping to reschedule this event for late summer/early fall.

Thank you all again for your support, prayer, and understanding through this time. We love you and are praying your though. And as Pastor Dallas would say, keep on, keepin' on.

Love you all

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