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A Day in the Life of a Pastor's Family

We have the most blessed Sundays! We get to sing praises to our Lord. After announcements, the children from babies to teens are all dismissed to class as the adults prepare to hear some great truths preached. I get the opportunity to teach the elementary kids sometimes. We have great discussions. Their minds are sponges and they are retaining everything from the lessons! I enjoy witnessing how their brains process the information that is given to them.

After church, we get to have more chatting time with our brothers and sisters in Christ. As people filter out, lunch comes on the table for the handful of people that stay for an additional Bible study where we really get to chew on the meat of the Word of God. One of our sons is involved in the study now that he is older and the other one helps to watch the children so the parents can come to class. Iron sharpening iron helps the adults to understand what it truly means to be a disciple in the study we are working in now.

As soon as that class is finished, we head for a friend's church. We get to end our busy day in a sweet hour of prayer and it rejuvenates our exhausted souls. We are able to share with other pastors the areas in which we are in need of prayer. We always leave there refreshed.

It is the day in the life of a pastor's family. We love each smiling face we see during the day. We cherish each hug that offers encouragement. We trust when God says His Word does not return void, and no matter what age of person we come into contact with on this day, we pray that God's love shines through us. We try to stay energetic as we minister to others this day, but once we get home we know that no matter what time it is, dropping into bed is completely acceptable. My husband is completely wiped out but knows this is his time to now relax.

We love our "job"!

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