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Happy New Year - January 2021

Happy New Year to everyone.

We know that 2020 was a challenging year to get through, but we want to applaud you all for hanging onto God as He got us through. Despite the pandemic, the shut downs, quarantining, and illness, you rose above it all and still showed up in mighty ways. Not once did the church feel a financial strain, in fact, you still managed to support these outside ministries as well: Annie Armstrong Foundation, Boise Harvest Crusade, Boise Rescue Mission, American Foundation of Suicide Prevention, and Wycliffe Bible Translators.

We celebrated with 3 people this year as they gave their lives to God and we watched their proclamation through baptism.

We joined together with Harvest Crusade to bring the message of salvation to the Treasure Valley, despite the fact that they couldn't have their large gathering this year, they brought the message through an online event, and they are determined to try again this year.

The ladies of our church came together with the New Plymouth ladies twice this year to sharpen iron, fellowship, and grow closer to God.

In the midst of all this chaos, the church's online presence grew. You can now find us and watch sermons on our website, Facebook, and YouTube.

Small study groups were put together throughout the year and many blessings have come from them.

We thank you all for coming together with us and corporately praying for health and protection, for our countryman, our government, and for the lost to be found.

As we look forward to this new year, we know that the same God that got us through before, will continue to see us through.

We want to wish these amazing people a Happy Birthday:

Gavyn - 1/3

Raidon - 1/10

Kyler - 1/13

Sandy - 1/16

Ed - 1/24

And a Happy Anniversary to this wonderful couple:

Bobbie and Amy - 1/26

If you want to be in the directory for 2021 or need to update your family's information, please get that information to Kimbre as soon as possible.

Our first month of this year has 5 Sundays. The love offering for this month is to support the Boise Rescue Mission. During these unsure times, more people have been turning to them for help. You can donate directly to them on their website or you can pick up a 5th Sunday envelope at the church to make your love offering.

This month's schedule may change, but here's what we've got planned so far:

Sundays - Sunday School at 10am

- Worship at 11am

- Service at 11:45am

- Small Groups at 6:30pm

Tuesdays - Ladies Bible Study 9:30am

- Sign Language at 5:30pm

- Band Practice at 7pm

Thursdays - Kids Club at 6pm

You are the hands and feet of God, continue to spread His love and joy with those you meet.

Jesus loves you and so do we.


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